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Succulent Desk Planter

Succulent Desk Planter

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Add some personality to your desk with this cute and low-maintenance Succulent Desk Planter. Made of solid maple wood, it's perfect for housing your new succulent - a plant that requires minimal care. Bring some life, literally, to your workspace with this adorable and practical desk accessory.


  • 3-inch x 3-inch x 3-inch solid maple, wooden planter
  • Includes custom engraving of your design on one side

Care Instructions

Some tips! Infrequent watering is recommended. When the soil is completely dry, remove the succulent from the wooden planter and water until the soil is completely soaked. Let excess water drain from the bottom before returning it to your planter. Our goal is to emulate a monsoon in the Chihuahuan Desert.

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