Our Story

Welcome to Dandy's Farm, a testament to the power of creativity and DIY spirit. Founded in 2020 by Dan (he/him) and Andy (he/him), a dynamic couple, Dandy's Farm embodies the idea that "You can do it yourself!" What began as a pandemic hobby quickly transformed into a thriving social media channel, and eventually, a passionate small business dedicated to crafting custom creations.

Our Story

Dan, the charismatic face behind our videos, is a true maker at heart. He thrives on the art of creation and is the driving force behind the incredible projects you see on our channel. Andy, on the other hand, keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes, handling the back office with precision and dedication.

A Modern Woodshop

Our modern woodshop is where imagination takes shape. From custom woodworking to 3D printing, we embrace the latest technology and techniques. But what sets us apart is our commitment to creating pieces that tell a unique story, reflecting the beauty of individuality.

Urban Garden Oasis

In addition to our woodworking marvels, we are passionate about urban gardening. Our garden oasis stands as a testament to sustainability, where you'll find innovative solutions for thriving in urban spaces.

Join Us on This Journey

At Dandy's Farm, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of making, crafting, and celebrating creativity. Explore our videos, engage with our community, and let us inspire you to embrace the maker within. Together, we're here to prove that "You can do it yourself!"

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