Custom Projects

This is our favorite part! Whatever project you have in mind, we have enough tools, know how, and motivation to make your vision a reality! Some of our custom projects so far have been product displays, solid maple dining room tables, and DIY slot car tracks. 

We have built projects for people, we have mentored others on woodworking and rough lumber milling, and we have hosted small groups of makers for custom projects. Let us know, and we can plan, iterate, and construct your idea!

At Dandy’s Farm, we have found it is better to work in a group to problem solve and bring multiple perspectives to the table. Use us as a collaboration guide or building space and your project will be better than  you imagined!

Dan teaching how to use the bandsaw.

Dan helped me craft an amazing table thanks to his knowledge of woodworking and access to his shop. You can't go wrong with him.

Brian Bautista, Hellow Yarrow