We have multiple approaches to offering woodworking experiences or products. Using Dan’s experience as a teacher, he is able to teach and build comfort in many woodworking machines and practices using our onsite makerspace/woodshop.. We also offer custom built decorations, furniture, or other designs varying from the modern to the rustic. 

In our woodshop we currently have a Sawstop table saw, a 12’’ Grizzly combination jointer/planer, router table, miter saw, track saw, spindle sander, bandsaws, a floor standing drill press, a myriad of clamps, and dust collection system along with many other small tools to build your vision. Dan can help walk you through your custom project for your house or you can rent out the space so you don’t have to convert your own garage!

We consider ourselves a hybrid woodshop in that we have 100+ year old hand planes and the equipment to tune them up as well as lasers and cnc machines to do fine details. We believe that using the best from every era will save time, be more enjoyable, and generate the best final result.

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