Urban Gardening

Come visit the farm and where it all started! Whether you would like to see what urban gardening could look like, what to plant, or how to set up a garden we at Dandy’s Farm have you covered! We have 6 in ground garden beds 8 feet by 4 feet that we seasonally fill with local free compost and plant many annual vegetables and fruits as well as have part dedicated to the rare perennials like strawberries and asparagus. 

We would love to share our vision and experience planting high density fruit trees and parkway planting! We are lucky enough to be situated in Los Angeles’s city borders, so we are able to plant any fruit tree or food crop in the parkway without a permit, and we want you to as well! We have apples, peaches, plantains, pomegranates, blueberries, and many more planted in our parkway as part of our farm and for our community. 

At Dandy’s Farm we believe in growing food, but not just for ourselves. We try to follow our rule for our harvest of a third for ourselves, a third to nature, and a third to the community. We think growing food should be good for the planet and the community. We don’t use any pesticides or sprays and instead use sacrificial planting and careful ecosystem support to maximize our harvests.

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